4 Reasons To Build A Strong Back

4 Reasons To Build A Strong Back


When it comes to overall muscle tone nothing enhances the effort like a lean sculpted back. 

Yet back workouts might be the most underrated muscle group to train especially for women.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t neglect training this underrated asset! Here are our top four Benefits of Strength Training Back Muscles

Improve Posture

The muscles of your upper back such as the upper trapezius are responsible for pulling shoulders down and back. The best movements for working these muscle fibers include lateral raises, and shrugs which are classified as shoulder exercises but also target the upper traps. 

The middle portion of your traps run perpendicular to your spine and help pull the shoulder blades together. Exercises such as rowing target these posture enhancing muscle fibers. 

The lower portion of the traps ascend to the shoulder blades which help to pull the shoulders down.  Rowing exercises also target these fibers as well. 

Sexier Arms 

When you perform back exercises your arms are the secondary targeted muscle group. Anytime you bend your elbows to lift weight your biceps are triggered as well. Exercises such as pull ups, pulldowns and rows all target the biceps.

Smaller Waist 

Training the back also torches belly fat.  Your metabolism is boosted when we build lean muscle mass. The muscles of your upper back help pull shoulders down and back. This improved posture from training the back enhances the illusion of a smaller waistline. Plus, the back is a large muscle group. The more muscle gained the more calories burned at rest!

Strong Upper Body

The upper and mid-back muscles help stabilize shoulder joints.  Strong, stable shoulders increase overall upper-body strength. This allows you to increase resistance in just about every upper-body exercise. 

Burn Baby Burn

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