Technique Tips to Improve Your Bicep Curl

Technique Tips to Improve Your Bicep Curl

It’s important to remember that form is everything when we are working out. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in your training proper form is essential to get the best out of each and every workout.

When it comes to the bicep curl the objective of this exercise is to make the biceps handle the entire weight so you want little to no movement in the upper arms and upper body.

The bicep curl is an old-school weightlifting technique that has stood the test of time.  If you’re looking to add sculpt and shape your arms, the classic bicep curl is the way to go. Here are few tips to improve form when doing a bicep curl.

Technique Tips to Improve Bicep Curls – .

1. Engage the core.
You want to stand tall engaging the core when performing bicep curls.  If you find yourself swaying or arching your back to life and curl the dumbb

2. Isolate the biceps by lifting the proper amount of weight. Heavier weights may build muscle but only with the right technique and form. Begin with lighter weights for your bicep curls to ensure you’re using a full range of motion without compensating in other areas (rocking the body, throwing your back into it, etc.).

Once you master the correct form with proper posture you will keep the biceps isolated. If you want to increase weight then add variations and go for a seated bicep curl.

3. Add variations. Whether you are performing a seated or standing bicep curl adding variations can boost your results and keep your programming fresh without the dreaded plateau.  Adding in incline curls, hammer curls, or just slowing the tempo of concentration curls are all great ways to add variation to your training regimen.

Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of every single repetition:

  • Stand tall, engage the core is always engaged while keeping every other part of your body still.
  • Try to avoid flaring the elbows out by keeping the elbows inline with the shoulders.
  • Make sure you are breathing! Let the breathe do the work by taking an inhale on the way up and exhaling slowly lower the weight back to the starting position.
  • Protect your wrists with a squeezing action keeping the wrists rigid throughout the entire curl.
  • Avoid any rocking back and forth during the exercise. Your body should be still the only thing moving is the elbow and biceps.
  • Again, form is everything so it is better to reduce the weight to maintain proper form and alignment.