4 Benefits of CrossFit Training

4 Benefits of CrossFit Training

Got WOD?

20 Min AMRAP
7 Pull-ups
12 Burpees



Crossfit is a fitness craze and it’s no wonder because the quick, intense and beneficial workouts are what keeps peeps coming back.


It’s official I’m back at it and training Crossfit three times per week.  Why?  Because change is necessary if you want results.  


4 Benefits of Training Crossfit


1.Free Motivation


Motivation isn’t always easy.  So when you aren’t feeling the motivation bug and are in a gym routine training solo can be tough.  There is only one step to get a Crossfit workout accomplished. That one step is to just go and show up. The workouts are there ready for you which limits any change of heart once you show up there is no turning back.


2.Save Time


Typically Crossfit gyms block off an hour for training and sometimes it doesn’t even take that long.  Some Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) are quick bursts of High Intensity Training.  Either you’re racing against time. Or, you have a set time to accomplish max reps and sets of an exercise.  Either way the WODs go quick.


3.Never Plateau


The Crossfit name says it all because cross training is the game!  


This means you are always training something different with a variation of exercises each and everyday.  This not only diminishes boredom of the mundane it also keeps your muscles guessing. As shocking the system is the foundation to any and fitness goals.


4.Boosted Muscle Endurance


Ok, maybe a no brainer but I couldn’t go without it, Crossfit is legit when it comes to boosting and improving muscle endurance.


No, you don’t have to be an athlete to have this goal as it is beneficial for each and everyone of us.  Boosting muscle endurance improves overall body functionality, boosts metabolism and increases lean muscle mass.


No Gimmicks, if it Works it Hurts…