5 Ways To Avoid Weight Loss Plateau

5 Ways To Avoid Weight Loss Plateau

Inevitably our bodies adjusts and adapts to ongoing routine. This is the same when it comes to building lean muscle, losing weight or increasing overall athletic performance.

When you first start a workout regimen you may see results rather quickly especially if your diet is “on point” and you’ve followed your regimen appropriately.  But, don’t expect steady progress without switching things up a bit.

Here are few things that you can do to overcome any health and fitness plateau…

Refresh Your Routine

First and foremost you have to be honest with yourself. What’s your training regimen compilled of and is it doing you any good…  

Merely showing up to the gym without a plan is a doomed letdown and, frankly, a waste of time. If you want to save time you need to be efficient.  Avoid plateau and get faster result by refreshing your training regimen every 6 to 8 weeks. Checkout Fitzone Lab’s shop if you need a training refresh to conquer your fitness goals.

Get Adequate Sleep

A good night’s sleep is not just good for your mind but also your body. Proper rest is key success especially when comes  in to losing body fat.

When you sleep your body recharges and  releases healthy hormones. “Even a little sleep deprivation can lead to increased cortisol, a stress hormone. Elevated cortisol levels can lead to body fat accumulation around the midsection.” According to My Fitness Pal.  

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential. This doesn’t mean another soda, Ice Tea or coffee keep it simple stick with aqua.  

Consume one full glass of water in the morning, one before each meal and be sure to carry a water JUG at the gym. These little things add up to big winnings.

Water flushes out all the toxins in our body and reassures us that we are adequately fueled with energy. Often when we are thirsty our body actually mistakes if for hunger or just tired!  

Optimpize your weight loss and training goals and stay hydrated.  

Increase Muscle Mass

Don’t mistake the lingo, mass does NOT mean BIG!  It’s still a misconception. Everybody is different and we all have different sized muscle fibers. It’s in our genes whether we get big and bulky.  As for ladies, you don’t have those genes! So fret not and lift often…

Increasing lean muscle mass is an absolute must when it come to any sort of health and fitness goal.  It’s as simple as this, muscle burns fat. The more muscle you carry the more fat you will burn even when you are at rest.  

Lean muscle literally ignites your metabolism while spurring muscles growth.  In order to avoid any plateau be sure you have a plan of attack to build some muscle mass.


In order to rebuild our muscles and build a stronger and leaner physique we must be sure we are supplementing our bodies appropriately…

Supplementation may include adding a Whey Protein right after your workout to boost muscle growth. A dash of turmeric to reduce inflammation.  Or, it can be adding a little boost to your pre workout regimen.

Amino Pep by Fitzone Labs is a pre workout formula that intensifies your focus to fuel your body for a better workout.  It also contain other key ingredients include:

  • L -Carnitine and L-Carnitine Tartrate- Natural non-essential amino acids. Supports healthy weight management, suppresses appetite, boosts performance and aids recovery.
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – Optimize muscle performance with enhanced muscle recovery. Supports protein synthesis and reduces muscle soreness.
  • Glucomannan – A Soluble fiber derived from the konjac root (Amorphophallus konjac). Boosts metabolism, enhances weight loss and reduces cholesterol.
  • Raspberry Ketones – Increase metabolic rate and boosts energy.
  • Huperzine A – Boost mental focus and clarity.
  • Hoodia Extract – Unique herb, supports Weight Management and controls appetite

Need an extra boost? Or workout refresh? Check out our Fitzone Lab’s Shop and get results fast!