Dumbbell Arnold Press | Sculpted Shoulders Exercise Guide

Dumbbell Arnold Press | Sculpted Shoulders Exercise Guide

There is no doubt that a pair of sculpted shoulders is a sexy as all hell! Not only do toned shoulders excite the physique they also work magic for the waistline.

Benefits of The Arnold Press

Sculpted shoulders accentuate a slim waistline while creating additional definition for lean and toned arms. Working out your shoulders also helps to limit risk of neck and shoulder pain, improves posture and increases overall strength and power.

The Arnold Press is a great exercise that helps to tone and sculpt your shoulders. This effective exercise works all three delt heads in a single set and was designed by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

How to Perform The Arnold Press

Target Muscles: anterior, lateral and posterior deltoids

Set Up:  With dumbbells at shoulder height arms bent and palms facing the body. Reach and press dumbbells overhead while rotating wrists until the palms are facing forward at the top of the press. Pause, and then slowly lower the weight, reversing the rotating so that the palms end facing the body at the bottom of the press.