FREE Healthy Holiday Recipe Cookbook

FREE Healthy Holiday Recipe Cookbook


It’s that time a year again delicious dishes keep us at the mercy of our own cravings.  The temptation is just to easy during this time of year. Surrounded by scrumptious dishes from appetizers, full dinners and deserts.

 The average American gains 10 to 15 pounds every holiday season right before the New Year’s. Our Resolutions become even harder to accomplish when we let go of self control.  The good news is you don’t have to fall victim to more weight gain and you do NOT have to starve yourself either!  

There are tons of healthy holiday dishes and treats.  That’s why Fitzone Labs crafted a brand new Healthy Holiday Recipe Ebook!  Since it’s the season of giving we are offering this recipe book for free because we are thankful for you! 

Included in this recipe book is delicious seasonal dishes to keep those pounds off while enjoying scrumptious holiday meals.  

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