3 Steps to Achieve Your Goals  

3 Steps to Achieve Your Goals  

Do you have a desire, a goal, a wish that you have been neglecting to pursue?


There are countless reasons and excuses for putting our deepest desires and goals on the backburner.  But maybe it’s been unintentional. You want to see a change but don’t know where to begin.  Here are 3 steps that I use to get me up, get me going in my attempt.


3 Steps to Achieve Your Goals  

1.Time Block


Not only do you want to time block your daily training you’ll also want to set aside a realistic time frame that it will take to reach your desired goal.


I like to aim out about 3 months but the time frame is really dependent on the particular goal. For instance, if I am training to PR my mile time (current goal) then I time block my training times and days by staggering the intensity so I don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out.

Maybe your goal is to drop 5, 10, maybe 20 pounds?!  

This goal also needs a realistic start and progress date.  Yes, progress date, NOT an end date.  The goal should be obtainable so it can curate more successes to come…


2.Set a Benchmark


To know your realistic goal you need to be real with yourself.  By honing in on where you currently stand in your own journey is a starting point but not quite the benchmark.


I think this is the hardest for people to do because it is a real eye opener that too often we chose not to view. The choice to ignore the truth only creates a bigger challenge for the future.


Setting a benchmark is a test to not just see where you’re at physically but mentally as well.  Once you zone in the fact that it is a mental challenge more than a physical challenge you can conquer your goals more efficiently by focusing your attention on phases.  Phase one is to conquer the mind so you can conquer the body…


Quick tip, approach this process with an open and discerning mind by stating the following…


I may not be where I want to be but setting my benchmark takes me one step forward to success. One step per day is all I need to progress.  


3.Follow a Plan


Following a training regimen is like a syllabus.  It’s a tool that guides you step by step through unfamiliar terrain.  This is a crucial step if you are a beginner.  Often times just stepping into a gym can be overwhelming.  If this is you, know it’s a shared experience especially if you’ve taken a long time off or maybe never even started.  


A workout regimen is an ideal way to get results with efficiency.  A good training regimen doesn’t mean you’ll be exhausting yourself everyday.  It means you’ll have a plan of attack. This plan allots for small steps along the way.  


This is how you progress and achieve your deepest desires. By making progress in increments that keep you going and fueled not down and overwhelmed.

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Happy Training! 🙂