8 Strikes Muay Thai Workout

8 Strikes Muay Thai Workout

Hey All!

So, I’m taking my programs back to the roots of my training journey. Here is a quick Muay Tai inspired workout for you!

Muay Thai Background

I started training in Muay Thai around 2010, shortly after I moved to Las Vegas.  I trained religiously for about two years.  In those two years, I didn’t have any formal sanctioned fights but fought frequently at local gym smokers here in Vegas.

The majority of my training was under Master Toddy. Toddy is known for his collection of 40 + World Champions. Worthy praise for being one of the best Muay Thai Coaches in the World he is historically known in the heartland of the sport of Thailand.


I traveled with Master Toddy and trained at his Ultra Fight Gym located in Bangkok, Thailand.  I trained, traveled and learned so much about the sport and the country during this period of time.

There, children train to feed and provide a better life for their families. Here, we train her to get in shape..

So, these workouts mean a lot to me. They are a humble reminder of my journey and how thankful I am to be able to train. These workouts are also great way to get in shape, tone and lose those extra holiday gains. 🙂  

The Workout:

This one in particular is great for beginners and can be done anywhere there is a heavy bag. Note, not all boxing and Muay Thai workouts need equipment. The art of learning how to strike is first done by shadow boxing. Learning proper form is a must!


3 Minute Rounds x 4 Rounds with 30 seconds to 1 minute rest between each round. Alternate each move and/or strike every 30 seconds.

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Happy Holidays!