Youth BootCamp with Coach Jada at FitZone

Youth BootCamp with Coach Jada at FitZone

What’s up everybody, Susan here with Fitzone Labs. Today I wanted to introduce you to our new coach at FitZone, Coach Jada.

Coach Jada has the passion and knowledge but most importantly she understands the importance  of teaching our youth practical health and wellness education before they become adults.

“Most people workout because they have high blood pressure or the doctor told them they have to workout,” said Smith. Once Jada began coaching kids she realized her profound impact.

“I can change their lives before they even know they’re working out.” FitZone Coach Jada Smith. Smith explains that Fitness, Health and learning self defense is a true benefit that kids can have to carry over into adulthood.

Our Youth Boot Camp at FitZone Labs strives to give kids the confidence and skills they need to have to fight against bullying.

 With the use of Boxing, Self Defense and Practical Health and Fitness training our Youth Program allows Kids to have a healthy kick start that will last their entire lives.

Kids Summer Camp Schedule: July 29th – August 2nd from 9am-12pm
After School Youth Camp starts August 19th and runs through the school year.
 Times and Days: Monday-Thursday from 4:15pm-5:15pm