The Benefits of Training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Benefits of Training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Do you keep driving past the same Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) school on your way to work and wonder if you should stop in and see if it’s right for you?  Maybe you have become familiar with BJJ and its effectiveness by watching the UFC and thought it would fun to try out.


There’s a lot of great reasons to start training in BJJ, but how can you be sure that it’s right for you? From getting in shape to learning self-defense, the benefits of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are seemingly endless.


Get In Shape

This may be the most common reason that people will actually make the decision to step into the gym and start training.  It’s also the most obvious beneficial byproduct of training in BJJ.  You don’t have to be in great shape to start training, but you will certainly get in great shape.


Cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and muscular endurance are all common benefits of training.  Consistent training will also lead to high calorie expenditures that will increase weight loss.



BJJ was developed nearly 100 years ago with the idea of self-defense in mind.  You will definitely learn skills that are applicable to the street in every BJJ school, but some are more self-defense oriented than others.


The ability to defend not only yourself, but your family, will be one of the most valuable benefits of BJJ.



BJJ tournaments seem to everywhere and this is good news for former competitive athletes and anyone else who desires competition.  Competition is a valuable tool for developing and testing your skills.


BJJ isn’t just reserved for the elite competitors either.  Many practitioners compete because, well, it’s fun.  Enjoyment should have a place in all of your extracurricular activities.  If it’s not fun, why would you continue to do it?



Most BJJ schools will market the fact that it will build your self-confidence—and it’s true.  You will not only learn techniques, but you will put them to practice in almost every class.  You will spar with your teammates and learn that you are more than capable of handling yourself in stressful situations.


Through consistent training, you will see yourself grow and progress in skill level.  This personal growth will give you the self-confidence on and off the mat that you will require when faced with difficult decisions or situations.



This might be an overlooked aspect of training in BJJ, but there are a lot of social and business networking that goes on in the gym.  You will train with these individuals 2-5 times per week for an hour or more each day.  It’s only natural that you start talking about other things besides BJJ.


Maybe you mention to someone in the gym that you are looking for a painter for your office.  Good news, one of your BJJ teammates just so happens to be a painter.  There are many scenarios that will play out just like this.  It’s also a great way to develop comradery between teammates.


These are simply of few of the many benefits of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The longer you train, the more benefits you will receive.  While the benefits may be great, they can only help if you take the first step and start training.