Accountability is when you are 100% committed to completing the tasks that are necessary to achieve your goals. It's not always easy to do solo but with a team of accountability partners it becomes much easier to obtain.  We are kicking off our next 30 Day Challenge at Fitzone Labs this week. This is an Accountability Challenge to keep you on track with your goals as a team! We encourage you to reach out to another Fitzone team member and give them a little encouragement throughout the week. This can be done on our Private Facebook page or on our group training app. This challenge has just three goals to keep you all accountable and here they are… 

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and no one’s are the same. It’s important to understand your goals, reasons for those goals and why you’ll never hold yourself to the standards of others.  It’s crucial to have your own personal goals so you can stay focused on working towards your own improvements without comparing your progress to others. Here are 6 foolproof ways to stop comparing your progress with others.

The hardest part in this fitness game is losing motivation, falling off the wagon and starting all over again. But, it happens. Life happens. We lose motivation. Or we have an injury or health setback and BOOM our weight is back again.  It’s frustrating but giving up completely won’t make it any easier and for sure won’t get you to your health goals.   Here are just a few ways to prioritize your fitness so it becomes second nature. 

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