Designing and adhering to a daily routine, whether this is your morning workout or mid afternoon yoga session, having a set routine is the path to success, productivity, freedom and even even happiness. Here is why setting a routine may be beneficial for you and your goals. 

If this year has taught us anything, it's that things don't always go according to plan! This same lesson applies to your fitness journey. Having a plan to help you reach your goals is a great starting point to any endeavor. This can be a huge help especially for your fitness journey as it helps you to stay focused on your goals. Having flexibility with your plan and staying focused on the end result, your health goals and overall well being, is just as important as having a roadmap for your journey.

In honor of our Myzone October Team Challenge, we have prepared a few MEP earning workouts that will surely get your heart rate up! First, some quick information about the October Team Challenge: This month-long Team Challenge will use Fitzone Labs’ new Myzone wearable heart rate monitors to accurately track and inspire your workouts and movement using Myzone Effort Points