Susan here with FitZone Labs. Welcome to my FitZone30 online training program.  My FitZone30 online training program is an ongoing strength and conditioning program, where you get to train with me every single day while learning new methods that will take your overall fitness and well being to the next level. 

Our 30-minute “FitZones” are short yet effective, low impact workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. With comprehensive and motivating training videos that describe and instruct each daily workout, which allows our online members to train safely while gaining the proper knowledge and form to execute every single prescribed exercise and movement.

This program includes access to our LIVE FitZone30 classes that is designed specifically to help you reshape your body in just 30-minutes. Whether you want to lose weight or you just get more toned – we are going to do that together as a team, as your personal trainer and coach!  It’s like having a virtual gym in your living room or in your pocket wherever you go! You will also have access to yoga and cardio focused classes to help improve your performance, posture and mobility to resolve pain, and give you the best tools to empower a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

This program has one goal – to help you look & feel your best! With this program you receive a complete workout program and LIVE coaching streamed from our Myzone mobil app along with on-demand and live yoga classes to keep your health and fitness on par. Our classes stream live on our Myzone app and are uploaded to our website so you can train anytime! All you need is a set of dumbbells to get started!  Once you purchase this program you will receive instant access to our app and on-demand classes streamed on this website. 

Mix It Up

Weekly workouts in the palm of your hand. Our FitZone30 classes can be done from the gym or from home. Workouts go live on our Myzone app and are streamed on our website so you can watch them anytime! Our workouts are quick, effective, motivating, and instructive.  It’s like having a virtual trainer in your living room or in your pocket wherever you go!

Find Your Zone

When it comes to fitness do you prefer to follow an instructor or do you like to go on your own?  We offer the best of both worlds. Our FitZone30 classes are workouts that you can do at the gym or from home. We give you the workout of the day with a video tutorial so you are ready to go on your own!

No Strings Attached

Although we’re in it for the long haul (like for life) we know circumstances change so you can cancel your membership anytime.


Your affordable FitZone30 program will give you exclusive access to new workouts every single week. You will get exclusive access to five new workouts every single week for less than $1 per day!


You will have access to our macro-calculator to determine your diet plan along with healthy recipes to suit your goals!

24/7 Support

Need support?  Have training questions?  You can email me directly, 7 days a week! Once enrolled, you’ll also get access to our private Facebook training page where we can connect, and I can answer questions on your progress.


  • 6 MONTHS

  • $24.99/mo
  • $149.99 billed every 6 Months

  • Annual

  • $19.99/mo
  • $239.99 billed every 12 Months

All subscription options offer you the first 14 days free, unlimited access to our Daily Workouts and Nutrition plan. Subscriptions are charged after the 14-day free trial has completed and will auto-renew at the end of each subscription period. You can cancel auto-renewal at any time.