Find Your FitZone…

“FitFlix” is our ongoing online program, where you get access to all our FitZone classes including Boxing, FitZone30, Yoga and Mat Pilates.

We offer 30 minute “FitZones” that are short, intense, low impact workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. With comprehensive and motivating training videos that describe and instruct each daily workout, which allows our online members to train safely while gaining the proper knowledge and form to execute every single prescribed exercise and movement.

Mix It Up

We add new workouts weekly. Every single day you can watch and learn a new method of training that will take your overall fitness and well being to the next level. It’s like having a virtual trainer in your living room or in your pocket wherever you go!

Find Your Zone

When it comes to fitness do you prefer to follow an instructor or do you like to go on your own?  We offer the best of both worlds. Our FitZone30 classes are workouts that you can do at the gym or from home. We give you the workout of the day with a video tutorial so you are ready to go on your own! If you prefer guided workouts then our Boxing, Yoga and Mat Pilates are the perfect for you!

No Strings Attached

When it comes to fitness do you prefer to freestyle? Then our single classes are for you. Or perhaps prefer some guidance? Then you are going to love our Series!


Your affordable FitZone “FitFlix” will give you exclusive access to new workouts every single week. Plus access to all our live FitZone Classes including our Boxing BootCamp home training system as well as our weekly Yoga and Pilates workouts!


Although we’re in it for the long haul (like for life) we know circumstances change. You can leave us whenever you want.

24/7 Support

We love to move and we want you to move with us, which is why we’re just an email away!


Find what makes you feel good, whether that be Boxing or Yoga, 7 Minutes or 60 Minutes. 5 times a week or whenever you can!

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